you see the clouds
as cream. ebullient mounds
of baby’s breath but

only see the crows cutting through.



Put on Sinatra, dammit.






10403201_853997264611364_1807297246460120246_nSchubas in Chicago August 21, 2014, photos by Hunter Armistead

Chicago was a right good scream. The drive (or ride, rather) went by quicker than I remembered. Schubas was real dark. I liked that. And the whole show felt like I was speeding towards a cliff or canyon or something. And all night the sound of steely insomniacs in packs roaming the world on wheels. I woke up in a heap on the floor clutching a pillow. A success, I suppose. 

We looked like a crime scene of sorts. Dead bodies adorning the room.  On the way home we stopped at the gas station. There was a soda machine where you could add flavors like cherry, vanilla and one more I don’t remember. I made a vanilla coke and wondered why they stopped making vanilla coke. Wasn’t missy in those commercials? I was next to 1,2 stepping by the end of it all.
Home. Safe.




My name is UH-DEE-YUH…

Just received some MAJOR love from Bob Boilen and Ann Powers on All songs considered!!!

But my name is pronounced UH-DEE-YUH. Kinda like the shoe! 

“NPR Music’s Ann Powers joins the show to talk about Adia Victoria, a young, mysterious Nashville singer she’s recently become enamored with. Her first single, “Stuck In The South,” was released a few weeks ago and has sent ripples through the Nashville music scene.”







Yes? No? Maybe?

Photo by Patrice Sharon Jackson

Photo by Patrice Sharon Jackson


Woof. New York has been a swirl around me these past few days. I forgot how this city can really take it out of you. The people, the smells, the cars, the uneven pavement. By the end of the day I’m all but crawling and panting.  But NYC stirs a silent mania awake in me. something about being surrounded by millions of people and not having to say one word all day. It is ok to stare because the time you share with your subject is barely even there. Walking in New York lets you to anonymously snap the smallest shots of all these millions of lives being lived around you.
I don’t know, that excites me.
I’ve been also buoyed by sharing the music with y’all. We’ve been having to stay quiet about Stuck In The South for months and all that’s been boiling up in me since I first heard it. Makes me feel all lightheaded now that we’ve shared it with you. Been grinning at folks in the streets.  There have been a few moments when I’ve gotten so giddy thinking about it that I had to go to the library to settle down. Put a book in my hands to steady my mind. That’s always worked for me.  Heading back down the coast tomorrow at the crack of dawn playing radio Russian roulette with my friend.
I’m ready to be back in Nashville playing music with my friends.
Seen you soon,